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Mom is Not Home

What else would you do while Mom is at work?


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Familial Lazy-plasia

Well, it’s been 10 days since Reagan jacked her hand up. We are all tryin to sympathize with Reagan in her inability to do things she once took for granted … Like working out. Reagan got her stitches out today…so, here we are. Ready to get back at it.






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Oaker Stinker Babies

Happy Birthday Oaklie! Oaker Stinker Baby is what Preston calls her.. So Happy Birthday Oaker Stinker Baby!


We were grateful for all of Oaklie’s friends that came to celebrate…no doubt she doesn’t remember a thing. Yea, that’s how crazy the party was.

Reagan made the cake with the experienced touch of Kandi, who helped apply the candy. Coincidence? I think not.


And finally, a pic of Oaker in her birthday suit.


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Sum Vaca 20

Reagan LOVES  when I shorten words like giggle into gig. That’s why I shortened the title to this post.

Yea, so I threw this bad boy together…and it turned out to be 10 mins-ish. It’s more for my posterity than it is for anybody out there, but if you have 10 mins of your life that you would like to dive into ours, climb aboard. You’re always welcome.  Remember, “We make friends, not enemies.”

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People around the globe are celebrating…

He also passed his 6th trimester out of 12 with a 3.75 overall GPA! I’ve got one smart cookie for a husband.
After the completion of this HALF WAY MARK we decided a family trip would do the body good.
We loaded up the car and took a drive. Not just any drive though … this was a trip to remember. One suitcase, two boxes of diapers, a cooler, LOTS of snacks, and Toy Story got us all the way to Denver.
About three hours into the ten hour drive to Denver Preston said to me, “Mommy, a go home.” Translation: Mom, let’s go home. Little sweetie.
The next day, believe it or not, we woke up and drove to Utah to celebrate Aunt Jessica’s graduation! The whole Ogle family was finally together for the first time in 4 years!
While we were in Utah our friends Lance and Alyssa let us stay in their apartment (since they would not be there). Lance assured Matt the extra bedroom was child proofed, so we put Preston down for a nap. About thirty minutes into naptime Matt saw the door to the extra room open slightly and then quickly close. He got up to figure out what had happened, upon opening the door he saw Preston standing in the middle of the room,
“I did it”
“WHAT did you DO Preston!???”
Well … Preston had found three 6oz. bottles of printer ink refills. Yellow. Red. And Black. They were spread over his entire body, the carpet, and Lance’s passport, health records, and travel documents. Matt spent five minutes on the phone scheduling same day carpet cleaning. I spent twenty minutes scrubbing Preston in the tub. And the carpet cleaner spent an hour trying to get the ink out of the carpet. In the end the carpet had to be patched because the messes Preston makes are, without a doubt, professional.
After Easter dinner, and an Easter egg hunt,
We drove to Twin Falls to visit with G.G. and Papa. Preston LOVED being out of the car and running around outside and inside. G.G. made sure Preston had a good time, while Papa cradled sleeping Oaklie. Preston learned G.G. and Papa’s names very quickly, and also learned that they love him so much they would do pretty much anything he wanted to.
Luckily there were no carpet disasters at this stop. And the two hour drive to Boise seemed like NOTHIN.  The whole trip was planned around the surprising Grammi (Matt really loves surprising people). Poppy knew, Spencer knew, and Lauren knew. BUT… Grammi did not! Best surprise ever. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY GRAMMI!
We played outside, ran around with Duffer, had an impromptu babies photo shoot, ate good foods, got to sleep in (thanks parents for taking the babies), cheered at Kanon’s lacrosse games (super fun sport), watched Spencer and Pyper dance (UH-mazing), helped ready the house for Lauren, Courtney, Cyndi, David, and Meagan to come for Prom weekend, mowed the lawn (Matt loved it), went on a date, ate Betos (best $3 dinner you’ll ever have), ate Casa Mexico, saw Spencer out the door for Prom (beauty) and even went to church on Sunday! Such a great week.
Preston and Pyper got to be really good friends while we were in Boise. One night Preston begged DreamCicle off of Pyper by getting right up in her face. A few hours after they had gone to bed for the night we heard a YELP from Pyper’s room. Poppy went to investigate. He found this…

On our way back to Kansas we stopped in Utah again to visit our friends Cody and Hanna. They just had a second baby boy! And Hanna, you look amazing.
Preston and Camdon took a while to warm up to each other, but once they did it was so fun to see them play and laugh and run…and punch.
Cute little Kyler was a good baby, eating, sleeping, and pooping just like babies should do. Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures of this visit … so we will have to do it again SOON!
What an amazing family…I mean, seriously. Those Hopkinsons…So hott right now.
(Thank you Facebook for allowing me to sufficiently stalk Hanna and steal this picture)
We stayed the night at Jessica and Rob’s. I think we got them really excited to have children of their own because Oaklie screamed for twenty minutes straight, then had a huge diaper blow out. She slept VERY well that night.
Twinner babies?
We woke up the next morning and headed to Denver. Once we got there Preston, of course, loved being out of the car again. Legos, trains, Ruger, outside, bowling, the park, running, watching planes, and of course throwing rocks! So great to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Michelle and Uncle Clint. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY GRANDMA!!
We made it home Friday evening, and were all SO grateful to be back in our own beds. And SO grateful that we were able to spend our break with the people we love the most.
(Now every time we get in the car Preston says, “Mommy, a go home.” It will be a while before we try another 24hour road trip.)

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HAPPY 3 Months!

Oaklie is growing fast! She wears 3-6 month clothes now. She’s really trying to hold her bottle but gets too excited when she actually does it and has arm spasms which make her mad. Just before naps and bedtime is when she is the most talkative, she’ll talk and talk and talk, but as soon as she is done she wants to be asleep. She loves her brother and her daddy very much, and they make her laugh hard every day. Oaklie has also started kicking and kicking and kicking like Preston did when he was little. ah … my active little babies. We love you Oaklie!

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Oaklie’s 2 month check up was Friday. She has grown quite a bit since her last appointment.

1 month stats
8 pounds 10 ounces
22 inches long
(I can’t remember her head circumference)

2 month stats
13 pounds 10 ounces — 90%
24 1/4 inches long — 98%
40 1/2 centimeters circumference — 97%

Who ever said small mommies have small babies … or girls are smaller than boys … should think again.


For Great Granny

For Great Granny

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