Halloween this year was a mellow holiday. We had planned to do Cat in the Hat, Fish in a bowl, and Thing 1&2, but Preston and Oaklie decided they wanted to be pumpkins. At first I was sad, because this undoubtably means I will no longer be choosing their costumes, but then when I saw how happy they were to get dressed in the costumes they picked themselves it made it better.

Our favorite fall activity thus far was definitely Linder Farms with the Lennberg family. Preston and Oaklie had so much fun running through the hay bail maze, riding the barrel “train”, holding animals, riding ponies, digging in the corn box, and picking out pumpkins.

We had the kids paint their pumpkins again this year. Oaklie loved it! And Preston was excited and happy about it, until he saw Matt carving his pumpkin. Then he wanted to “cut [his] pumpkin too.” This didn’t happen though, because we all remember what happened last time we tried having Preston help carve a pumpkin. Not to mention the master piece he painted on his pumpkin. šŸ™‚

Halloween night our first trick or treater was at 6:32. Our treat bowl was empty by 6:44. Granted I only bought a small bag of candy, but still. That’s at least 20 trick or treaters within 12 minutes. Impressive. Very impressive. SO, we escaped from our candyless house and took our kids trick or treating. Or tried anyway. After much convincing Preston and Oaklie trick or treated to 5 houses. Because of the lack of candy (and lack of hiding space) at our house we stuck out the rest of the night at Grammi and Poppy’s. Preston and Oaklie LOVED answering the door for all the trick or treaters. Every time the doorbell rang the would jump up and run, giggling the whole way to the door. Silly kids.

They ate almost all 10 or so pieces of candy that night and the next day poor Preston had hives. Never has there been, nor will there ever be again, that much sugar in his body. Poor boy just wanted his Daddy.

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I’ve been kicking myself lately because I don’t have many videos and pictures posted of my sweet little girl. Who, by the way, is getting to be not so little. She is a great talker. She has an amazing sense of compassion. She is anĀ impeccableĀ knack for pushing Preston’s buttons, but ALSO making him happy and feel really cool (like every little sister is supposed to do, right?). She is quite the little helper and would rather clean up her own messes than let Mom do it. She can count to 8 and says (most of) the alphabet. She sleeps well in her big girl bed. She loves to try on clothes, shoes, and jewelry. She asks to get her hair done and her nails painted. She will sit on your lap for hours and ask you to read books again and again. She gives the best hugs and sweetest little kisses. We love her so much, in the words of Preston, “it’s indifdable.” Which, from what I can tell, means incredible.

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27 Years of Oldness

Happy birthday Zach! Here’s to wishing and hoping that you get seven more sales today so you can take a birthday-cation next week!! We love you!

Big Girl Bed

Hand-me-down bunk beds made the perfect opportunity to put Oaklie in a big girl bed. Once Matt set up the bed all she wanted to do was sleep. She yelled “SLEEP! SLEEP! SLEEP!” for probably five minutes. She has done a great job in her bed and hasn’t yet discovered that she can get out of it when ever she wants.

Where’s Oaklie?

He had mixed feelings about going to preschool. Sometimes he was really excited and other times he did not like to even talk about going to school. Last night he fought and fought us about going to school and going to bed. He was a cranky boy. So when he woke up happy and excited it made me excited too.

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When we left after dropping Preston off, Oaklie started crying. I asked if she was crying because we were leaving Preston, she said no. I asked if she was crying because she wanted to stay and play, she said yes. “a-Oaker a-kool too”

Oaklie and I finished our errands and went to pick Preston up. Miss Susan told us that Preston was a big helper today. She said a little girl named Audrey couldn’t reach the faucet in the bathroom to turn on the water. When Miss Susan asked for a helper for Audrey, Preston jumped up and helped Audrey by turning on and then turning off the faucet. On the drive home I asked who his new friends were and he said, “Audrey is my favorite new friend.”

Preston also got a bag of goodies from Miss Susan for being so good at school today. This bag had a new book, a crazy straw, crayons, and bubbles. When Oaklie grabbed the bubbles Preston said, in a sweet sweet voice, “Oh. No no Oaklie. These are Preston’s special school bubbles. You have to ask nicely if you want to play with them.” It made me laugh.

I am very excited for Preston to learn new things and make new friends.